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Video Category: #Actsofkindness

‪Watch this dying veteran honored by staff, fam...
By Spiritbath
850 views3 years ago
‪She’s been to 12 diff high schools during fost...
By Spiritbath
602 views3 years ago
‪Spreading a little kindness. ❤️
By Spiritbath
626 views3 years ago
‪This right here is the good stuff.
By Spiritbath
659 views3 years ago
‪That is a powerful hug. Respect.
By Spiritbath
643 views3 years ago
‪Savor every moment of your brief journey. Love...
By Spiritbath
783 views3 years ago
‪After 13 years delivering to the neighborhood ...
By Spiritbath
543 views3 years ago
‪There are angels ? among us.
By Spiritbath
637 views3 years ago
‪Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do t...
By Spiritbath
663 views3 years ago
‪We were born loving each other. ✌️
By Spiritbath
814 views3 years ago
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