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Spiritbath Team

Spiritbath / Spiritbath Team

Steve Maiden, Founder

My story of hedge fund disaster and prison awakening (outlined here) is a dramatization of a pretty common truth: pain can lead to personal change. Suffering can shake you hard enough that you finally re-evaluate everything. Rearrange you down to the core. They say addicts often have to hit rock bottom to make a change. I think my own low winked at the rock on the way down and dove still further.

But when you come back from trauma, even the self-inflicted kind, your perspective will never be the same. You’ve earned your scars. And one of the best things you can do is to use those experiences to help others on their journey. To pay it forward. Spiritbath is a venture with the heart I always wanted to show outwardly but was afraid to. A brand and a community that celebrates love, giving, education, joy, music, family and creativity. A village of awakening, we call it. It’s a place to meet others that are grateful like you are for the little things, the big things and the in between things. For each breath. Each smile. Especially the smiles.

When you see the Spiritbath logo I hope it makes you grin. The crooked smiling alien-looking dude flashing a peace sign? We’ve taken to calling him “spirit monkee” and he brings us great joy. I hope he does the same for you. The little fella radiates positivity, delivered with a rascal’s wink. Because humor is the oil of life’s engine after all. We all need some of that. Namaste friends. Awaken your spirit.


Kathryn Osborne, Co-Founder

I have spent more than 15 years as a marketing executive in Corporate America and I am the founder and CEO of a foundational marketing consulting company. I wear many respectable volunteer hats in my community, and have had the privilege of earning my MBA from Concordia University with a Global Business Award for China studies and a B.S in Business Administration with a focus on Integrated Marketing Communications.

Although that may sound good on paper, I am in the throes of a personal transformation. I am seeking the things that make me feel alive, awakened. I feel most authentically whole while taking sunset walks through my micro farm. I am happiest surrounded by my tribe of family and friends, cheering too loudly at my children’s sporting events, talking and laughing A LOT, and covering my house in flowers and holiday delight. My goal is to do more of these things.

Spiritbath allows me to be me- a loud and lively spirit, a deep thinker, a student of humanity and culture, a strategy and innovation enthusiast, and a dash of a contrarian. Spiritbath also allows me to share my office with my pruppet, Mr. Kenji Chiweenie, to which I am truly thankful. I appreciate everyone who is seeking to Live Life Awake and hope my contributions help awaken your spirit.

Matt Dunn_team page pic

Matt Dunn, Co-Founder

“The Earth is like a spaceship that didn’t come with an operating manual.” Buckminster Fuller

Life is, indeed, a strange and wondrous ride.

So often we (all of us) get caught up in our daily to-do lists. We get utterly consumed by our short-term goals and, without realizing it, we get attached to all sorts of beliefs, ideas, worries and material items that don’t serve us. These things ultimately distract us from achieving and manifesting what truly fulfills us.

We forget to take in the sweetness that exists all around us on this magical rock (called Earth) hurtling through space.

As a former banker and now budding entrepreneur and writer, what drew me to be a part of Spiritbath is that Spiritbath is a window into the sweetness that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Without allowing our spirits to be bathed for a few moments each day, it’s easy to lose perspective and to become consumed by things that don’t serve us or fulfill us.

Spiritbath is that little daily dose of sweetness that takes me into a higher frequency, which then allows me to attract all the goodness life has to offer. It is an honor to be part of such a noble and beneficial project.


Ma. Carmina Torres, Graphic Designer

I consider myself a design ninja and a dreamer, creating artworks with passion and soul.  I gained a degree in Fine Arts, with a major in Visual Arts from the University of the Philippines where I graduated as cum laude in 2011. Working online as a graphic designer for 9 years gave me the opportunity and freedom to work with clients all over the world. Being a part of the Spiritbath team definitely is exciting for me because of the positivity that emanates from everyone.

I love doing crafts, sculptures, mixed media paintings, and home renovations. I also love travelling, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and sports. When I was 14 yrs old I experienced lead poisoning which put me in a coma for a week. This accident made my eyesight poor but it didn’t stop me from creating works of art and pursuing a career in the arts. I also used to be a competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete but I had to move on from the sport after a major injury. I found myself doing other things instead, realizing that there’s so much more to learn and enjoy in life rather than focusing on the negative things. In 2019, I also had the opportunity to undergo Lasik eye surgery and my vision improved from 450/500 down to 20/10 – technology I didn’t even know was an option. Every day is a moment of awakening, from the time I turn on the computer to expand my senses to the world outside which connects me to the experience of different people. When I look at my nieces and nephews, I’m reminded to view the world with childlike curiosity; and when I close my eyes I realize my purpose. Spiritbath is a place for everyone to share their purpose and I’m glad to be part of this amazing team.

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