“No life is too short to make a really significant impact”

The worst words expecting parents could ever hear are, “we can’t find the heartbeat.” It’s then that the incredible people at non-profit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) step in to extend their sincerest sympathy. Offering gentle and beautiful photography services in a compassionate and sensitive manner is the heart of NILMDTS. They hope the gift they provide will bring some peace and comfort during such a difficult time.

Guys, NILMDTS approached Spiritbath recently to help spread the word about their beautiful mission. They knew that our community of open hearted lovebugs would really get what they are all about. As you can tell by the video, they are about lending a hand, lending a shoulder, lending their love when it is needed the most. They are true angels.

Please consider supporting Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep this week as they have partnered with Sevenly to help provide the gift of remembrance. For each item sold at Sevenly, they’ll give $7 to help fund a photography session & package for parents suffering the loss of a baby. Please SHARE this with others and shop generously HERE: http://www.sevenly.org/photography