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Video Category: #Cominghome

‪Love overcomes all. ❤️
By Spiritbath
586 views3 years ago
‪Military husband poses as patient to surprise ...
By Spiritbath
612 views3 years ago
She asked her step-dad to adopt her. ❤️
By Spiritbath
1306 views3 years ago
‪66 years of love is much stronger than Alzheim...
By Spiritbath
650 views3 years ago
‪She surprised her mom working in the Californi...
By Spiritbath
747 views3 years ago
He surprised his grandfather who’d moved away 2...
By Spiritbath
706 views3 years ago
A dog ? might destroy your shoes but will never...
By Spiritbath
1482 views3 years ago
He traveled around the world to surprise his gi...
By Spiritbath
642 views3 years ago
At the coin toss a player took off his helmet. ...
By Spiritbath
704 views3 years ago
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