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The Remembrance

It was the last day, of the last month of The Remembrance. A warm breeze with a hint of summer wandered into the little cabin through the kitchen window and infused itself with the aroma of fresh baked bread. It carried it out the front...

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Be Guided by Peace

I remember one afternoon as I was going home from work. I suddenly felt an immense discomfort resonate from my heart to the rest of my body. Prior to this, I decided that I wasn’t going home early like usual, opting to go to a...

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A Sign from Heaven

When my brother John died, I thought I was never going to get through it. I had been with him three months prior to his death. I had watched him deteriorate with alcohol and drugs. When he was not drinking or taking drugs.....

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In 2010 I was feeling pretty good. I was married to my wonderful wife, Kayo, and living in a great neighborhood in the small town of Hickory, NC. We had children and grandchildren to add to our lives!...

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